Sunday, October 26, 2014

Childrens Coloring Pages Free and Printable

Here we have some mandala for children. Mandala, as you likely know already, is an Asian art form that is used for meditation and spiritual guidance. It is an accessory to religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and is common throughout the region.

Did you know that half the world's population lies in the India/China area of the world?

Mandala is characterized most often by symmetry and rings, though it does not necessarily have to incorporate either. The outermost ring usually signifies wisdom, while the area within that ring reflect the uncertainty of the earthly experience. At the center is the palace of deities, a sacred area.

Naturally, with these mandala for children there is no intent to have religious or spiritual significance unless you choose to place that on the images yourself for some reason. The basic purpose of mandala is to relax your mind and enable you to focus your spiritual energies.

Coloring in mandala is quite fun. You can express your creativity, as there is no one way to color in the figures that is more correct than any other way.

So, have at it. Find your crayons or your colored pencils and pens and create a piece of art.


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